Meet Me

I realized my passion for all things organized at a very early age. Even as a 5 year-old I asked my parents for bins to organize and categorize my toys.  I even made my Mom label each bin accordingly. Too bad they didn’t make the fancy label makers back in the 80’s.  The organizational bug had bitten!

Throughout the years, I honed my skills as an organizing wizard (or so I like to think) – organizing roommate’s closets and dorm rooms in college and later my friends first “grown up” apartments. After graduating from USC (Fight On, Trojans!) I decided I would like to organize for actual paying customers.  So…I established File it Under “Complete” in 2005. After five rewarding years helping Chicagoans turn their chaos into calm, I sold my beloved business as my husband and I embarked on a new chapter in our lives and moved to the desert (Phoenix, Arizona, that is).

Since I really couldn’t imagine any other career making me as happy and fufilled as organizing I launched Beyond Organized in the Valley to help de-clutter, simplify and bring order to individuals, families and small businesses. I absolutely love helping clients create custom-tailored systems that maximize space, minimize clutter and save them time and money.  Who wouldn’t like that?!

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