A-Ha Organizing!

26 12 2011

I must warn you, I’m a brand new blogger.  Something I’m not new at – organizing!  I’ve been getting organized since I was a child, not even fully aware of what organizing really was or why I “had” to do it.  I can even remember coming home from grade school and my Mom saying “Let’s get organized” as we would sit down to unload my backpack and begin homework.  Getting my chaos and disorganization under control and in perfect order were ingrained in me from such an early age that organizing has really become second nature (yes, that is really possible)!

After suffering a mild quarter-life crisis after my college graduation, I learned about organizing as a career. I “googled” it and learned that there was an entire industry devoted to professional organizing — this was my A-Ha Moment!  This is what I would do with my life –  help people get organized once and for all!  

I am so grateful that I love what I do for a living.  Sometimes I still can’t believe I get paid to help people get organized!  I’ve been helping clients declutter and maintain control of their life since ’05 and I truly believe this is my life’s work (ok, it sounds a little Oprah-esque, but it’s true). 

I’ve decided to start the Unapologetically Organized blog to share daily tips and tricks for getting organized and more importantly, STAYING ORGANIZED amongst other fun tidbits.  I really hope you enjoy the journey and hey, thanks for taking a second to read this.